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the synergy advantage

We've taken the best of Keira and Ryan's dry cleaners and combined them. At Synergy dry cleaners we take a comprehensive approach to service that is unique. We pride ourselves on having the best processes in the industry and you are assured  of the best service and attention at all times. Locals supporting locals. More than 30 local staff with local families. 7 convenient locations,  all commercial and domestic dry cleaning and laundry, plus other SPECIALIST SERVICES including alterations and repairs,  machine embroidery,  shoe repairs, sewing machine repairs ................. and much more .....with an efficient  pick up and delivery  service ....................... all you need to do is drop in or call 4229 3111

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Couldn't be easier,  simply drop in to one of our 7 convenient locations or call 4229 3111 for pick up and delivery service from Kiama to Thirroul. We’ll take care of the rest! Think of all the hours you'll save  washing, drying, sorting and ironing your laundry. 
RE-PURPOSE reuse  RECYCLE restore
You might be surprised what can be done with those old favorites. Maybe they've been in storage too long, maybe need a repair. What about re-dyeing? Receive a hand-me-down or find a bargain at the op-shop and  like to bring it back to life ?
Drop in or call 4229 3111 to discuss

Spilled wine, or chocolate or sauce on your favorite shirt? You can rely on our team to address the damage. Each stain requires a different type of treatment. Fortunately, our experts understand the precise method to best handle each job.


Many fabrics and trims require special cleaning. Cleaning is one thing, making the garment look good is another. How many times have you made something clean but now it looks trashed?  We have the expertise, the equipment, and the processes to offer complete fabric & garment care. We are regularly in touch with manufacturers and designers to compare notes, especially for latest release high end fashion items. Your questions are welcome  - call 4288 4211

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Dry cleaning is a gentle process that targets dirt, grease and grime from everyday wear. These contaminates are removed by the dry cleaning solution. Other marks and stains are treated manually by one of our specialists. The quality and life of your garments is prolonged by professional dry cleaning according to their unique requirements and the care label. Bedding, curtains, and furnishings should also be regularly checked and cleaned to protect your investment.
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Manufacturers and designers are required to correctly label garments with cleaning instructions/care labels. Dry cleaners are  required to follow care label instructions for garments.
However, we don't stop there. Unlike regular cleaners, we take responsibility to liaise with manufacturers and designers on your behalf, particularly if there is a problem or concern with an item. Loose dye, trims and finishes, are examples of things that are often not considered with care labels. We often see new items with incorrect labels and will advise you. Besides our technical skills, it is this level of service that keeps us ahead of the rest.

Your clothing is an expression of your personality and image. When you look good, you feel better and appear more confident. Stop by Synergy today, and look your best!

Need alterations or repairs.

No problem. We have seamstresses in Dapto , Wollongong, and Warilla stores always, and other stores regularly.  Drop in to any of our stores or call 4229 3111 for pick up

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